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Meaning of Life Exploration

One of our main focuses is the exploration of your life's meaning through sharing your story. By looking at the bigger picture of your life, you will be able to identify things that still need to be said, heard and understood. This deep dive into ourselves can also help you discover anything that you may still wish to experience here and now. By addressing your unfinished business, you can greatly relieve any emotional suffering you might be experiencing. A beautiful timeline is created and can be passed down as a legacy project.

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Spiritual Voyage

Looking into your spirituality can sometimes help you find that sense of internal peace or balance; the Doula can help you explore your existential beliefs. As you near the end of your life, things begin to fall away out of your control, and often we seek something greater than ourselves to rest upon. This is your time to talk about any ideas or concepts you have regarding what happens after you die. We welcome and enjoy having profound, honest, and sometimes funny conversations about who we think we are and where we might be headed.

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Physical Touch and Non-Medical Care

We will help the individual determine and communicate the kind of touch that could be welcomed by a Doula or family member. We can provide presence at the bedside, oral care, light touch, repositioning of bed-bound patients, and cold compresses. We can help identify, communicate and address issues or concerns that may be affecting your comfort.

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Guided Visualizations

The Doula will work with the individual to learn what images, sounds and experiences are the most calming and reassuring, and from there, create a personal visualization. This promotes a sense of well-being that the Doula, individual, and family can call upon in final end of life moments to bring comfort to the dying person.

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Legacy Projects

We help create a legacy project depicting who the individual is. This can happen in many ways. We aim to provide something meaningful to pass down to the family, such as a memory book, audio, video, collage, etc.

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Create a Vigil Plan

The Doula will help create a plan for the final hours or days in the death process. During this time we will establish the individual’s wishes for the following concerns: who should be present, music selection, type of touch, readings, important rituals that add depth and beauty to any atmosphere. This can enhance the sense of sacredness and closure for you and your loved ones and more. The ultimate goal is to ensure the loved one is supported according to their wishes.

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Create a Formal After-Death Plan

The Doula is able to explore and present all options and help make arrangements that best serve the individual’s needs and wishes. We can also facilitate that plan and/or act as a liaison with other service providers and facilities after death.

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Officiant Services

Our officiant services are based on providing open-minded, non-judgemental support and can accommodate all traditions. From a memorial to a celebration-of-life ceremony, we would love to assist you during your special moments.

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Conduct a Vigil

Having created a Vigil Plan with the individual and family, the Doula will implement that plan in the final days and hours of life. The Doula will also assist in communicating that plan to loved ones, as well as sitting bedside as needed with family, or in the place of family, as may be necessary.


Healing Arts

End of Life  Aromatherapy

I will travel to your bedside or home to provide an hour of aromatic support, which may include diffusing scent for relaxation, the application of a custom herbal blend to hands or feet, the use of hydrosols for emotional care and support, hand crafted herbal oil infusions used as a base for essential oils and more. Appointments do not include medical care or advice. 

Blending for Grief

This individual appointment will be used to identify the emotions one experiences following significant loss. Education and information will be shared about essential oils that can provide comfort as well as support to the  bereaved. A unique blend for bereavement support and relief through the transitions of loss will be created with your participation. Appointments range from an hour to 90 minutes. This service can be inclusive of family or constructed for a group. 

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Pet Death

We can assist in pet death meditations and celebration-of-life ceremonies for your pets, such as dogs, cats, horses, etc. Our pet Doula will ensure your loved one will transition peacefully and in loving support.

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Early Grief and Reprocessing

Can be up to three visits with your Doula to have an open discussion about the recent death experience; A retelling of their story. You will have an opportunity to check-in, share and begin reprocessing the event if needed. Early grief work begins here.


Grief Recovery

Grief recovery therapy aims to help people create space to hold the body’s natural response to loss. Grief can affect our entire being; physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive thinking and behavior. These experiences can be brought on by a loved one's death, but grief may be more broadly understood and shaped by any significant life-altering loss (e.g. pet, divorce, home foreclosure or job loss). We offer one-on-one and group grief recovery support using The Grief Recovery Method™.

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Weekly Grief Support Group

All types of grief welcome here. Our intention is to create a safe place to discuss and process all things related to grief. Coming soon!