In 2016 Yvette Bredice began to search for deeper meaning to her life. She knew she wanted more than a second career. She wanted to do something purpose driven, not knowing yet where that would lead her. 

After two years of being quiet and embracing, the unknown things became very clear. After her own near-death experience/memory surfaced, she understood why the idea of death never really scared her. Her near-death experience opened up a place of knowing and accepting that Life and Death are really ONE event. This knowing also left her with the ability to relate to the fear that we often experience at end of life. She has a tremendous ability to accept souls right where they are without judgement. She is a true empath.

In 2018 she took the training course offer by the International End of Life Doula Association (aka INELDA). She loves being and working as a Doula. She also volunteers for TMC Hospice here in Tucson, AZ. She has taught several classes at TMC Seniors.

Yvette started Tucson End of Life Doulas in 2018. Her intention was to create a hub for local doulas: A place to come together and collectively support each other while working as End of Life Doulas in our community. With high standards being met, all the Doulas will meet you with dignity, compassion, and respect right where you are. 



Priscilla Fernandez has a gift for comforting those who are suffering. She was exposed to death and terminal illness at a very young age due to her parents being ministers who visited the sick and dying on a weekly basis. She has assisted many people and pets transition peacefully. She strongly feels called to this work.


Priscilla is passionate about providing comfort, clarity and inclusion to the dying. She specializes in non-dual philosophies, and practices non-discrimination based support. She has experience assisting people who have died of cancer, heart failure, and AIDS, reinforcing her belief that all beings deserve to die with dignity and love; free of judgment.


Priscilla truly enjoys injecting humor into the hearts of those nearing the end of their journeys on earth. She has been performing comedy for 20 years and finds laughter a powerful healer. People interested in taking an adventure to "Exit Laughing" are encouraged to contact her for a consultation.


She holds certificates with Quality of Life Care™, The Grief Recovery Method™, The Living/Dying Project, and is currently a Companion Volunteer at Casa De La Luz Hospice.



Kristina Daniels has worked with individuals and families facing life transitions in the counseling field for more than two decades. She believes death, grief and loss are natural to the life cycle and can offer an opportunity for exploration and growth as a person makes empowered choices around their emotional and physical environment. 

Kristina received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College, and most recently completed Level I certification in the science and art of aromatherapy, including 265+ hours of in person instruction and clinical guidance. The research she submitted for certification reviewed Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s stages of grief and explored accompanying essential oils. 

She offers a blend of professional skill as an advocate, educator and aromatherapist, with a positive and warm regard focused to assist individuals and their loved ones through transition into death. 

Kristina has witnessed profound changes demonstrating how essential oils help soothe emotional tension and relieve both physiological and emotional states. Working with the chemical and energetic properties of the plants allows for a deep sensory experience that can provide a sense of calm as well as an opportunity for an exchange centered on emotional support and comfort. Kristina’s services range from keeping vigil to specialized aromatherapy services, education and outreach as well as support around grief and loss. 



Melissa  Newbrey has a professional background in Music Education. After  teaching music to middle and high school students for ten years, she  wanted to stay home to raise her two children. During that time she  volunteered in hospices in Phoenix and Tucson, offering companionship to patients, respite to their caregivers and music on the piano for  residents in group homes.   

She attended an intensive End of Life Doula  (EOLD) training last fall and is currently working toward an EOLD  certificate through Lifespan Doula Association.  She holds a National  End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) proficiency badge.  

Melissa's desire  to work with the dying and their families stems from her two profound  birth experiences and being with her grandmothers as they passed on. She  has come to realize that death, as well as birth, is a sacred and  natural life passage to be honored with dignity and respect. 

She loves mountain biking, bike-packing with her husband and reading bedtime stories to her kids.



Alex de Alcala specializes in feline doula services and spiritual well being focused guided meditation. She is a practicing Animal Communicator and Hospice Foster Volunteer through Pima Animal Care Center. 

Alex is the founder of Black & Blue Angels, a local feline rescue and hospice. Alex provides senior felines from the local shelters with a safe and loving home in their final days, and also offers therapy cat services in addition to environmental and behavioral consulting services. 

Alex holds her End of Life Doula Certification from Quality of Life Care, has a Bachelors of Arts from Arizona State University, and a Masters of Fine Arts from California State University-Fullerton. Currently, she studies Buddhism, meditation, and hypnotherapy and is working towards a Masters of Arts Degree in Human Consciousness and Transformative Studies from John F. Kennedy University 



 Heather Mansfield Wilson  

Caring for her best friend in her final days changed Heather’s life. Her intense passion as an educator for 35 years is now directed to accompanying others through their end of life journey. She began her studies with the International End of Life Doula Association and will be a Certified End of Life Doula from Quality of Life Care. 

Volunteering with hospice allowed Heather the opportunity to observe the gaps in services provided within the medical model of hospice. Heather will assist the dying person with relationship completion, legacy meaning and vigil planning. Heather brings the experience of showing up with love to complicated family situations. She is skilled in easing the fears of the terminal person and their family members. She provides ideas for how to live out the final days instead of waiting them out. 



Nora Belal

Nora is an Herbalist and Death Doula who combines her passion for plants and people into a life practice that honors and de-stigmatizes the simple fact that nobody lives forever. Nora strives to guide, educate and advocate for the dying. By providing and empowering individuals and communities with the knowledge and foundation required to die well, she believes we can revolutionize our lives.

Nora trained as a Death Midwife with Angie Buchanan of Earth Traditions. A Death Midwife or Doula, helps with anything spiritual, emotional and practical that one may encounter in the dying process. The goal is to stop undermining the end of life experience with undue fear and lack of preparation. Her perseverance and dedication to changing the stigma and alarm surrounding death drive her to support every person, at any stage of life.



Piper Magallanes

Several  years ago, Piper had a profound spiritual experience when her mother  passed away.  From that point forward, Piper found herself being guided  towards providing end of life services to those in need. We have been  taught that death is something to be avoided. So many of us have very  little experience with the process and because it is often emotionally  painful, we have also been taught not to talk about it. 

In  working with individuals and their families, Piper has found that  listening is invaluable. Her hope is to provide you with a safe space for conversations about death. She can talk about the things that may  be uncomfortable or difficult for others; she can hold space for you as  you question what happens before, during and after you die. Together, you can decide if you prefer a traditional funeral, a home funeral, something out of the ordinary or nothing at all. You can discover whether you want her to sit vigil for you or maybe you’d want spiritual companionship.

Whatever it might be, Piper is available to help plan, document or just listen. 

Piper is a Certified End of Life Doula through Quality of Life Care, and is currently a Hospice Volunteer. 



Kristy Rogers

Kristy Rogers is a New Mexico native who has spent nearly a decade of her life working and volunteering in the behavioral health field by providing compassion, support, and crisis services to various populations and feels that it is her purpose in life to help others during tough times.

Kristy has felt driven to work in End of Life Care since the early age of 11, after experiencing the death of her great-grandmother. It was at this time, she was first truly introduced to the profound impacts of Hospice care and has been drawn to the work ever since. She believes we need to break away from the stigma around dying in our society and wants to be helpful to her community in whatever ways she can.

Kristy wholeheartedly believes in empowering clients to embrace vulnerability while holding space for them to process their own feelings and experiences in a judgement-free way. She understands that family dynamics can drastically vary, all relationship circumstances are diverse in their own ways, and she is looking forward to providing individualized support and assistance to both clients and their loved ones during this process.

She has her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and is a Certified End of Life Doula through Quality of Life Care.



Ethel Sidney

By the time Ethel moved to Tucson in 2011 she had supported several loved ones and family through their final illnesses until their deaths. Each of these experiences built on her deep belief that death simply is part of a process that begins with birth. 

During the years that followed, Ethel studied metaphysics, and with six other people, founded The Community of Light, a spiritual community. Focusing on the importance of Wellness in our lives, she became a certified Aroma Touch essential oil practitioner and a Reiki Master. Ethel draws on Reiki and essential oils to help clients who are going through end of life transitions achieve deep relaxation and find comforting connection. 

In early 2018, Ethel had the transformative experience of being present with her brother during the 36 hours before he died. She helped him by holding the space he needed to die surrounded by acceptance, support and love, and by being present for family in the early stages of grief and bereavement. This experience has led to Ethel’s decision to train as an end of life doula with INELDA (The International End of Life Doula Association) and as a hospice volunteer. 

Through her work as an end of life doula, she is committed to make a difference in the current practices that surround death. In Ethel’s view, Wellness not only involves how we conduct our lives, but also how we face the end of them. 



Danielle O’Reilly’s journey  into providing end of life services began during her work in the  veterinary field. She felt an intense pull to support pet owners with difficult, emotional decisions around the final stages of their beloved pet’s life, leading her to become a Death Doula.

Danielle  believes in being part of this growing Death Doula community; It allows her to strengthen her skills in companioning both humans and animals through grief and bereavement, and to assist in continually educating  herself in how to best approach end of life services with the utmost  care and attention.

Danielle spends  her free time serving her community through fitness, connection, and  movement fun for all ages and stages. She also enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her dog, Harley.

She  holds a Certificate as an End of Life Doula through Quality of Life Care, a Bachelor’s in Education, and has over 15 years experience in Fitness & Movement Instruction.



Susan Sandlin A  lifelong quest for depth and meaning led Susan to begin studying cultural anthropology in her teens, including learning about cultural approaches to death and dying. She believes that life is a series of transitions and that death, as the final transition, brings the greatest  potential for growth and healing. When a dear friend transitioned in hospice after a prolonged illness, Susan’s understanding of the nature of impermanence deepened. Becoming a Death Doula is a natural extension of her varied experiences.

She has a strong background in numerous forms of healing. Susan is an Acupuncturist for Hospice and Palliative Care specializing in supporting life transitions of all kinds. She has witnessed how gentle acupuncture can positively impact end-of-life concerns including challenges with sleep, breathing, and appetite. Treatments are calming and assist with acceptance of the dying process through addressing the body, mind, and  spirit.

She is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, E-RYT500 Yoga Instructor, Certified Reiki Master, and Massage Therapist.

Gifted  with a natural ability to create sacred space and be in the moment, Susan offers intuition, compassion, and a comforting presence. Susan is committed to helping people die with as much grace as possible. She now holds a Death Doula certification through Angie Buchanan’s Earth  Traditions.