Our Pricing

Our Hourly Rate is $75

Initial Doula Consultation Visit

Up to 2-hour visit at $75/hr

To determine which doula packages are appropriate

Basic Doula Package

    · Weekly or bi-weekly visits

    · Daily visits at end of life

Our Services May Include:

    · Meaning of Life Exploration

    · Spiritual Voyage

    · Physical Touch and Non-Medical Care

    · Guided Visualizations

    · Legacy Projects

    · Create a Vigil Plan

    · Create a Formal After-Death Plan

    · Conduct a Vigil

    · Early Grief and Reprocessing (1 to 3 visits)

Our Custom Prepaid Packages (Hourly Rates Vary)

Vigil Packages - $40/hr

$160 – 4 consecutive hours of service per day.

Service begins when patient has entered the active dying process, which can last for several days.

Legacy Project Package

$360 – Choose one project from a variety of legacy projects TEOLD offers. We will assist your loved one in determining how they want to be remembered; from there we will help them complete their project. We can explore anything from a video, memory box, photo album, cookbook, and/or setting up a charitable contribution. Let's get creative!

Guided Visualizations Packages

$120 – Choose up to two private, 30-minute guided visualizations for your loved one to enjoy.

$180 – Same as above but add up to 5 guests to experience this with your loved one.

Healing Arts Package

End of Life  Aromatherapy $95
I will travel to your bedside or home to provide an hour of aromatic support, which may include diffusing scent for relaxation, the application of a custom herbal blend to hands or feet, the use of hydrosols for emotional care and support, hand crafted herbal oil infusions used as a base for essential oils and more. Appointments do not include medical care or advice. 

Blending for Grief $75
This individual appointment will be used to identify the emotions one experiences following significant loss. Education and information will be shared about essential oils that can provide comfort as well as support to the  bereaved. A unique blend for bereavement support and relief through the transitions of loss will be created with your participation. Appointments range from an hour to 90 minutes. This service can be inclusive of family, or can be constructed for a group; price adjusted accordingly.

Physical Touch and Non-Medical Care Package - $75/hr

Patients at EOL can benefit greatly from physical touch. In this package, we work with the patient and family to create and implement this support by using tools such as oral care, light touch, hand-holding, full body support and comfort for bedbound patients.

DIY EOL Doula Introduction

$240.00 - In this 2.5-hour class we will introduce the primary caregiver and/or family to the EOL Doula Approach. Thoroughly review signs and symptoms and introduce mindfulness breathing and active listening skills. Up to six people may participate.

Grief and Bereavement Support Packages

    · Once a week visit

    · Twice a week visit

Support Group meetings included

Celebration of Life Package

$500 – PowerPoint presentation of the deceased includes photos, beautiful quotes, music, animation, and finally, a social media posting dedicated to your loved one on behalf of TEOLD

All services purchased can include music and smartphone photography, if requested.